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Robert Krastic, owner

“I admit that initially I was skeptical that automated systems and outsourcing my entire accounts department would work. But after 18 months of operating in the Cloud, I’d never return to the old way of doing things. Here’s what Afficient did ...

Double-work is those areas of your business where things are done more than once or are done inefficiently. While it comes in many forms, a few common examples are handling paperwork, entering the same data into multiple systems and chasing money from clients. We eliminate double-work.

3 Reasons why we are different

“Afficient has simplified many of our existing functions and I’m excited to know that there is much more time saving and efficiencies to come ... our business becoming so automated has been a great time saver for me.”

— Sam Colosimo, Owner, Golf Clearance, 6 Retail Outlets, VIC

Most firms charge by time, instead we agree upon a fixed price, in advance. No matter how much work we do for you, we never watch the clock. That make us more efficient too.

1. Automate

We focus on using the latest online apps to automate and streamline your business saving you time and money.

2. Eliminate Double-work

3. Fixed Price

Get your own dedicated Advisor and Accountant

Our services often costs less than a typical bookkeeper and is fully guaranteed to save you time and money

“[Afficient] has now re-structured our business in a logical and efficient manner. They have been great help and their services are truly Afficient!”
Dermatologist, NSW

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